What are the benefits of Employee Monitoring Software?

If we talk about employers, they need a clear picture of their team’s tasks, activities and progress.  But the tracking productivity can be challenging for them. There are many businesses that use employee monitoring software. They use for better understanding employee activity and boosting productivity. This software can be impacted on employees’ attitudes and morale.

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In this article we will discuss in detail about employee monitoring. It will help owners and managers to decide that can it be beneficial or detrimental to our organizations.

What is employee monitoring?

The question raised in everyone minds what is Employee monitoring? It is a just a process of employers. It is used to track employee activity data. It is also use to optimize individual productivity. If you track the employees’ work progress, it will help not only motivate employee engagement, minimize pinch points but also increase profits.

This process is most efficient and best way to monitor your team. These tools will analyze and provide real-time monitoring. It will also help to improve business processes.

Types of employee monitoring software?

There are many types of employee monitoring technology software are used, some of them are given below

Website tracking software

You can use Website tracking software. It will provide access to employees’ browser history but also online activity. If you use this you will be able to see which sites an employee visited. You can also see how much time they spent there.

Application monitoring software

If you use this, you will able to track employee activity on their workplace device. You can also save documents and information within the program.

Social media tracking software:

This software will help you to view an employee’s social media activity. It will also help to gauge how much time they spend on various platforms. You can also judge with their comments and messages.

Email tracking software:

This application can help you to access employees’ messages. You are also able to access emails received, sent, deleted or archived which are done by workers.

Keylogging software

This software is used to to track what employees are typing. This software is also very important if you want to know what they are typing.

Time-tracking software:

This software is used to monitor how many hours your employees work. This software is very important if you are unable to identify who is working most.

GPS tracking software:

GPS tracking is used to see where your employees go with company vehicles. This is very ideal technology for tracking.

Video surveillance tools:

This tool is very important for monitoring employees. It is also use to see who is stealing company properties.

What are the pros of employee monitoring? 

It has many pros and it provides businesses with several distinct advantages. The some of them are given below.

Employee monitoring helps you detect suspicious user activity. 

If you track all the interactions with company data, it will help employers to detect suspicious user activity for example private documents. You can also view of share with outside sources. This thing will help to protect your business’s sensitive information.

Employee monitoring boosts overall cybersecurity. 

This software is used to view and save documents, install applications, websites visit, and messages sent on company property. You can use this in computers and mobile devices. You can also use this for monitoring business files, account information and client data. This is high level software and it will also help to protect your business from cybercrime, insider threats, data breaches and suspicious behavior.

Employee monitoring backs up disciplinary actions. 

This software can detect fraudulent or unacceptable employee behavior. This will help to take disciplinary actions or even terminate the employee. This system also provides evidence to back up your actions. It also provide time-tracking system, you can see documentation of how often they were late

Employee monitoring improves team performance

It can help you to identify who are not working properly and who are not meeting company expectations. With this software, you will come to know who is spending the time on which social media.  You will also aware of issue like harassment or poor customer management. It will improve your business and let you know who is useless for your business.

Employee monitoring creates mindfulness among employees. 

If you use this, employees will come to know that they are being monitored. They will work properly and their behavior will be more closely before doing something. It will boost productivity.

Employee monitoring software is cost-effective.

It is not very expensive. It just cost $20 to $150 per user per year. The price is depending on the features. There are many systems who do not charge additional fees.  It has installation and IP renewal charges. If you upgrade it like geolocation tracking and mobile licensing, it will charge extra.

You should use this software and grow your business. There are many features of this software which are left behind you must visit our site for more information.

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